Wednesday, July 08, 2009

The sun bleached diaphanous boyfriend shirt

The Serg Riva sun bleached diaphanous boyfriend shirt. Wear it over your swimsuit or wear it to bed, or wear it for breakfast with a sun hat and nothing else.

Generous neckline reveals the shadows caused by your clavicles and the subtle contours of your neck. Tapered sleeves fit snuggly around your upper arms - no sagging or too-perky short-sleeves making annoying triangles off of your shoulders. The well-loved fabric is sun bleached on the deck of my yacht and is diaphanous without being too sheer (is there such a thing?) and retains the structure of cotton with the softness of cashmere. Resort 2010.

Monday, July 06, 2009

I could lie here forever and not even notice the sun coming up. How many days have I been on this boat? It is so much easier to see the stars at night when you are adrift at sea.

Inspiration comes from imagination and experience.

Here I'm gaining both.