Monday, September 21, 2009

Late at Night Awake and Alert...

It's easy to think you have it all figured out when things are going well. Whenever I start feeling this way the pleasure lasts just a few hours before something slips into my consciousness and starts quietly ringing like a little bell.

Sometimes it is a creative worry, such as when I know a design isn't working, or feels too old, or says the wrong thing.

Other times it's a financial worry. Running a studio means that you are responsible for the lives and paychecks of dozens of people. It is not just your own ego on the line, but other people's dreams of one day owning a house or sending their kids to college, or buying a vacation home on the shore or at least several really nice pairs of shoes and a vintage convertible.

I worry about finance. Not just because I want to be successful, but because other people are depending on me.

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Greet said...

Hi Serge,
I do understand your worry! Although I have not that many people working in our company, I feel the same responsability!