Monday, November 16, 2009

Mona Lisa

I broke a tooth on the guard rail of the yacht last night while fighting for footing against the waves. We were tossed across the peaking valleys and slid deep into the yawning wells that seemed, from the bottom, very much like the mouth of the whale that ate Jonah. We all survived and nothing was lost that couldn't be replaced. A quick roll with Poseidon does wonders for one's humility.

A few items were soaked. Some rather nice wine was broken in the unsecured cellar, and as I mentioned, my tooth was knocked.

Today I phoned my cosmetic dentist and he assures me there will be no lasting lacuna in my smile. Until then, I am a pirate, with a Stonehenge smile and a two-day beard.

I am seriously considering getting a gold front, maybe with a little SR stamped in diamonds. I would be like an aquatic couturier version of Slick Rick the Ruler.


michelle_ said...

glad that you're enjoying my blog :)
hope u'll keep visiting.

and i hope ur dentist visit was all good :)

mine following my blog ?
i'll follow urs

Sher said...

You have a cool blog!

Are these your own illustrations?

un petit lapin said...

Ha, a gold tooth could actually be pretty cool.

Don Prichard said...

Interesting blog- go for the gold.

Jess said...

haha, wait is this a true story?

Mademoiselle Frou-Frou said...

ahh a couture very chic!

Connie said...

Definitely a gold tooth and talking parrot for good measure.

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