Friday, January 29, 2010

Begin Again

Like a dirty joke with no punch line, or a rhyme with no matching pair, a bikini cannot be separated into a top and bottom and then mixed and rematched with any other separate.

A bikini is a bonded duality: it is always top plus bottom, it is never just a top or just a bottom.

However, it gives me great pleasure to imagine unexpected combinations of top and bottom. The fabric, pattern, texture and style could be varied to create a new thought—a Frankenstein’s monster or admixture that is as clever and shocking as seeing the beginning of one word attached to the end of another.

1 comment:

Vinda Sonata said...

hi serg, sorry for not being able to catch up with you lately. college tasks have been keeping me quite busy nowadays :(

anyway, nice post as always. i'd love to see more unexpectable combinations of top and bottom of a bikini. i may try to combine a sleek black top with a leopard-print bottom. how's that sound?