Thursday, February 25, 2010

Conversation Starters

Asked by a famous magazine to write an article on trends for the coming year in swimwear, I instead took my allotted column inches and wrote this...

The Urge to Serg: Advice from the World's Most Famous Aquatic Couturier
by Serg Riva

Swimwear is not worn on the body, but born inside the mind. Confidence is your greatest accessory, and wit is your credit card that never expires.

Cut the corners off of a folded sheet and it becomes a dress. Tie it with a belt and it becomes fashion. Cut it in half, and it becomes a masterpiece.

A compliment, like colored hair, is best when only the right people notice.

The best insults sound like compliments to the uninitiated.

If caught in a battle of words, to be truly devastating, at just the right moment, simply say nothing.

Reading a book is the most intimate form of discourse; you are no longer required to be you, but instead are a newly formed we; great swimwear does the same thing.


Senorita Fashionista said...

Wow, very nicely said. Confidence is the key isnt it?

Leah said...

Love this article... very well-written. :-)

Jen said...

what a great article! you're a fantastic writer :)