Monday, July 21, 2008

009 Varsity Belt Buckle

How much does your high school style experience stick with you a decade or more past graduation? Recently, I went running on a high school track that reminded my of my hometown. The track looped around the varsity football field, like a belt with the scoreboard as the buckle.

I ran for a while, listening to "Maria Callas Voice of the Century" - which is an all-aria greatest hits collection. At a certain high note, I cut across the field and ran towards the endzone. I leaped up into the air and grabbed the crossbar on the goal posts. I did not expect to get all the way up, as I am old, and the goalposts are high. But I did. My hand wrapped around the yellow bar and I hung by the post for a second and then swung back down to earth. Grabbing the post made a satisfying sound.

I did not play football in high school. So the memories I felt filling my mind were not my own, but were from somewhere else - the collective mythology of the experience of others. Style, I think, works this way. Who has not felt the glamour of others transfered by means of a garment?

I did think of swimwear; can there be a varsity element in the fasteners? Jewelry replaces trophies in our mental treasure chests.


2manyshoes said...

Hey Serg, Holly Brubach here. First, I met a woman last week at a very chic pool party on the Costa Smeralda and she looked so fantastic in the bikini you had designed for her that I pumped her for more information about you. She sent me to your website, where I discover... that you've read my book! Many thanks. the admiration is mutual.

Serg Riva said...

Hi Holly,

I love your book! Thanks for the message. Costa Smeralda? That could only be one of three people...



thank you so much for your so kind words

i'll do my best to please you again and again

to thank you, feel free to use any of my photo if you need it. just credit me

subscribe to my newsletter because i will announce a great news in september

cheers from Paris Serg

ps : congratulation for the artist you are. i am not so talented


Ivy said...

So artistic and to come from such a unique background. Amazing and inspiring.


Hello Serg,
Thank you for your comment. You have a great story...I enjoyed reading your profile. I have a background in fashion as well...ick am I the only one that has grown to hate that word? Haha anyway have a great week.

LA native?

(LA street style)

Serg Riva said...


No, not an LA native, but if I were ever to open a Serg Riva store in LA I'd sell only swimwear and cupcakes. Delicious cupcakes...