Thursday, July 24, 2008

011 Rot

My assistant was looking out over the deck of our seaside atelier.

"Rot," he said, and pointed to a section of deck that connected to the side of the building.

The downside of having a facility on the beach is that you are endlessly fighting a war with rot. Water comes from everywhere, seeps into your building and slowly eats away at your foundation, like a nagging regret or a lost word you used to know in another language, but no can no longer remember.

The upside of working near the water is the ability to go kite surfing whenever the wind is up, the ability to product test right outside your doorstep, and the constant soothing sound of waves at night.


Zakuro said...

thank u for ur comment on my blog.

ur blog is so nice too!
i like these drawings here.
they look calm and melancholy, but strong...

it sounds nice u can feel the ocean from the atelier.

i like to see the ocean and walk on the beach. especially i love it at night. the sound of wave makes me feel relax. the ocean seems to hold me softly but at the same time catch my heart deep and carry my body into the bottom i cant see. the sea shows me both side of the friend and the evil, sometimes.

i hope u enjoy at my blog agian.
best regards.
Z in heat tokyo.

designerman said...

hi serg:

will look for the matts book and the other illustrator you mentioned. his name rings a bell but not familiar with his work so look forward to researching it.

thanks for the info.

richard aka designerman