Wednesday, July 30, 2008

012 Wet Blue Oxford

I have been fairly calm about design lately. Nothing too urgent. But then, after cutting a long shirt into a swim-robe I can't stop thinking about men's shirts for women's swimwear. It keeps up up at night; I am lying in my bed, looking up at the ceiling, thinking of things more grand than fashion (the origin of the stars, or the reason some combinations of musical notes sound harmonious and other do not...) when thoughts of re-cutting men's shirts creep back into my mind. And the fabric - I've always said it's the fasteners that make the swimsuit, but I find myself stuck on fabric and structure. Have you ever seen a properly structured bra? It is an architectural miracle. I told myself I'd post only extra things, little asides on this blog, but I am overwhelmed with the urge to post actual inspiration. I am inspired by the look of a wet blue oxford. Imagine it recut, structured, and properly backed. It just seems like a little piece of perfection. Have you felt a wet oxford shirt? It feels strong like canvas, but soft like a well worn garment. It feels substantial, like a piece of sailing equipment. Able to hold a seam. Will start sketching soon. Rolling the idea of this re-cut shirt on my mind like a favorite piece of candy I want to last and last.

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